15-30-50-75-100-150-200-250-300-500-750-1000-1500 kg
TCC-1 DrawingTCC-1 Drawing




  • Platforms 4 load cells
  • Silos, Hopper wighing and tanks
  • Bending/Shear beam load cell
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 3000 divisions OIML R60 class C
  • Hermetically sealed by laser welding
  • Protection against humidity IP67 (de 15 a 150kg)
  • Protection against humidity IP68 (de 250 a 1500kg)


                                                TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                             

Nominal Capacities (LN)      15*-30*-50*-75*-100*-150*-250*-300-500-750-1000-1500 kg
Accuracy class      3000 n. OIML
Minimum dead load      0 %LN
Service load      150 %LN
Safe load limit      200 %LN
Maximum combined error      0,017 %Sn
Repeatability error      0,015 %Sn
Temperature effect      0,01 %Sn/5ºC
On zero on sensitivity      0,006 %Sn/5ºC
Creep error      0,016 %Sn
Temperature compensation      -10..40ºC
Temperature limits      -20..50ºC
Nominal sensitivity      2±0.1% mV/V
Nominal input voltage      10V
Maximum input voltage      15V
Input resistance      386±2%
Output resistance      350±3
No load output(SN)      2 %Sn
Insultaion resistance      >5000 MOhms
Cable length      5m


* Capacities out of OIML R60 Certificate