• GI430



  • Tare - Introduction of manual tare. Weighing with memorized tare.
  • Date and time programming
  • Configurable printing list and tickets. Ticket reprint.
  • File codes management. Management of file codes. It is possible to use a file of 2000 codes. Such file is used for the management of 4 types of codes.
  • Weights management. It is possilbe to storage of a max of 4500 weight with acoustic signal to advise that the memory is nearly full (80%)
  • Management of a memorized tares
  • MAnagement of lorries in transit. It is possilbe to manage as many vehicles in traffic as weighing memory are available.


Opciones de pesaje

  • First manual weight.
  • Second manual weight.
  • Weighing with manual tare.
  • Single transaction weight.